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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

A.          Information

1 Deer Photographer of the Year (“Competition”) is owned and operated by Deer Photographer of the Year Limited (“us” or “we”) (company number 14335362). All contact with us should be sent via e-mail to

2 Anyone registering for the Competition or submitting at least one entry into the Competition is an entrant (“Entrant” or “you”).

3 By entering into the Competition you agree to be bound by the rules set out in this terms of entry (“Rules”) and each Entrant must ensure they understand and are compliant with the Rules of the Competition. The Entrant’s statutory rights are not affected by the Rules.

4 The Rules of the Competition are interpreted and governed by English law and the Competition and Entrant agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

5 The Competition’s Rules, together with the website pages incorporated into the Rules constitute the total agreement between the Entrant and Deer Photographer of the Year Limited and replaces, extinguishes and supersedes any previous written or oral agreements, understandings, warranties, representations, promises and assurances between the parties relating to any of the Competition’s material including but not limited to any submissions, entries, marketing subject matter and or publicity materials.

6 To the fullest extent allowed by law, we will not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or distress arising from the Competition being cancelled, terminated or modified.

7 Individuals (and their partners and family members) involved in the Competition’s operation, including any Competition Judges (as defined below) and employees of Deer Photographer of the Year Limited, are not permitted to enter the Competition.

8 We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, distress caused by any inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information or data supplied by the Entrant.

9 The date and time for which a given individual communication between us and the Entrant will be regarded as received by the Entrant will be taken to be 24 hours after the date and time shown on Competition’s email service provider’s system from which the email in question was sent.

10 All individual communication between us and the Entrant will be via email to and from or another domain address. The Entrant must ensure they are able to receive emails from us and it is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure their email account is set up to allow emails from us to be read by the Entrant and not remain unseen because their email service provider has placed a message from us into a Spam / Junk folder.

11 To the fullest extent allowed by law, we will not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or distress arising from any submission, judgement, acceptance of a Prize (as defined below) any other result, action or inaction from participation in the Competition.

B.          Conditions of Entrance

1 The Competition comprises an Adult Competition and one Young Competition:

2 The Adult Competition (awarded title of Deer Photographer of the Year 2025) is open to individual Entrants that are age 18 years or above on 30th November 2024;

3 The Young Competition is open to individuals as follows:

Young Deer Photographer of the Year. Open to individual Entrants that are age 17 and under on 30th November 2024;

4 Entries made into Young Deer Photographer of the Year must be made through our website with a parent or guardian’s consent by submitting entries into the appropriate category found on the Competition’s website

5 All entries must be received by 23:59 GMT 30th November 2024 (“the Closing Date“).

6 All entries must be submitted electronically via

7 It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure they keep a copy of any and all of the following that they have submitted to the Competition: Digital file(s) including all images, information and any data.

8 The Entrant understands that the Competition will not return any and all of the following that they have submitted into the Competition: Digital file(s) including all images, information and any data.

9 We will take all common and reasonable actions to ensure any digital file(s) including all images, information and any data submitted to us by an Entrant is secure on the server used for the Competition’s websites, but we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any unusual circumstances, including Acts of God, causing the loss or damage to any digital file(s) including all images, information and any data.

10 All entries into the Competition are made through the use of credits (“Credits”). Details of how many Credits are required per entry is set out on our website Credits must be purchased via Credits are charged at £9 for 3 Credits, £15 for 10 Credits, £20 for 20 Credits and £30 for 40 Credits. There is no limit on the number of Credits you may purchase. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to add Credits to the Entrant’s account without payment or notice.

11 In the event of the Entrant purchasing Credits but subsequently decides not to submit an entry, no refund will be made.

12 No refund will be given for any Credits that are unused after the Closing Date.

13 Unless otherwise stated, unused Credits cannot be transferred or used in connection with any other Competition, including any similar Competition run by Deer Photographer of the Year Limited in the future. After the Closing Date all unused Credits will be removed.

14 All images submitted to the Competition may be used without compensation for any or all of the following purposes: promotion, marketing and selling of the Competition.

15 The Competition is divided into categories and details of each category are given at Entrants are responsible for ensuring each image that they submit into the Competition is entered into the appropriate category. We reserve the right to add additional categories at any time.

16 The Entrant may enter a variation of an original image into more than one category.

17 By submitting an entry to the Competition, you agree: not to do or say anything that damages or may damage the reputation of Deer Photographer of the Year Limited or the Competition; that you have read and understand the Rules; that any entry you submit complies with the Rules; and to accept all liability for any loss or damage caused to, or incurred by, Deer Photographer of the Year Limited and its licensees as a result of your breach of the Rules.

18 If at any stage of the Competition, including after the announcement of the winners, you submit an entry that is deemed not to have in any way complied with the Rules, you may be disqualified from the Competition. Under these circumstances you will not receive any refund and if a Prize has been awarded, the Prize(s) must be returned to the Competition within 28 days of notification of disqualification. All decisions relating to disqualification from the Competition are made solely by us, the decision will be final, binding on you and no correspondence will be entered into.

19 At the sole discretion of the Competition, if the standard of images submitted into the Competition is not of sufficient standard to satisfy the Judges, we may decide there will be no Highly Commended entries, Judges’ Choice entries, Category Winners or Overall Winner, in which case, no Prizes will be awarded and no Entrant will be entitled to a refund or compensation.

20 Using our sole discretion, we reserve the right to waive a breach of the Rules of the Competition and / or amend the Rules without refund or notice.

21 The Entrant understands, consents and grants that we may use any entry or part thereof on the Competition’s website and to place any submission or any part thereof on social media websites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Vimeo and Twitter for the intention and purpose of the Competition’s publicity, merchandise and marketing without compensation. For the removal of doubt and to clarify: The Entrant understands and consents that we may use any entry or part thereof on websites and online media that may not even have been created at the time of submitting an entry or any websites and online media are not currently available for common use, and any and all use will be without compensation.

22 All Entrants who have an entry judged to be Highly Commended, Judges’ Choice, a Category Winner and / or the Overall Winner consent to have their likeness, name and the relevant entry used for promoting, publicising, marketing and advertising the competition without any form of compensation.

23 We do not accept proof of submission of any entry into the Competition as proof of receipt by us.

24 In the event of unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to human resource issues, equipment failure, software failure, denial of use of software and other required services and Acts of God, we reserve the pause, modify, cancel or terminate the Competition. In the case of cancellation or termination of the Competition, the Entrant has 14 days after notification from us about cancellation or termination of the Competition to contact us with proof of purchase of any Credits purchased (for example, credit card statement or other payment option statement) to request a refund, we will take reasonable steps to refund Entrants who have paid money to purchase Credits, in which case, the refund can only made through the same payment card that was used to purchase the Credits.

25 Any decisions made by us relating to the Competition, any submissions, entries or the extent to which an Entrant has been compliant with the Rules will be final, binding on you and no correspondence will be entered into.

26 If the Entrant receives notification from us informing them of winning a Prize, or an entry of theirs is Highly Commended, a Judges’ Choice, a Category Winner or the Overall Winner, they agree to keep that communication confidential until after the official public announcement of the Competition’s results has been made by us.

C.          Image Rights

1 You agree, confirm and warrant that for any entry you make into the Competition that you act on your own behalf as any submission into the Competition is entirely your own original work, you are the sole owner of the relevant copyright and does not infringe on any intellectual property right of any other entity, person or individual. The Competition does not make any claim to any rights of ownership to any image material made as any part of a submission other than as set out in these Rules. The Entrant also agrees to indemnify us against any costs associated with any third party claim in connection with ownership rights or intellectual property.

D.          File Upload Specifications and Permitted Manipulations

1 Requirements of images: Only JPEG / JPG and native camera formats (such as RAW files) may be submitted.

2 For any shortlisted entry, the Entrant must supply a high resolution JPEG / JPG file, a RAW file of the image or the original and unaltered JPEG / JPG file; and an extended caption giving details surrounding the circumstances of the image. In addition, an opportunity will be given for the Entrant to disclose further information they feel the need to bring to Competition’s attention. In some circumstances, determined solely at the discretion of the organisers, the Entrant may be required to submit further images that were taken immediately before and after a shortlisted image was taken.

3 Submitted images are allowed to be post processed provided nothing is added or removed from the scene depicted of the original image and no attempt is made to cause deception. As guide, the following processing techniques are allowed: cropping; adjustments to brightness, contrast and colour; dodge and burning, sharpening, use of a vignette; removal of sensor spots; and conversion to black and white. The following techniques are not permitted: removing and/ or adding objects through the use of cloning and / or other similar techniques for example, that accomplish the same; and compositing. No watermark, any text or symbol such as photographer’s name and copyright symbol must appear on any submitted image. In-camera multiple exposures, stitched panoramas, focus stacking and high dynamic range (H.D.R.) are permitted.

4 Entrants may submit images originally shot on film and should do so via digital scans.

E.          The Judging Process

1 We will appoint judges (“Judges”) to judge submissions into the Competition. We will appoint Judges based on our own criteria and at our sole discretion; it may not be a requirement of ours that the Judges hold any particular photography qualifications.

2 We may change the Judges at any stage of the Competition.

3 The Judges will determine the images that are deemed to be category specific highly commended (“Highly Commended), judges’ choice (“Judges’ Choice”) and category winners (“Category Winners”).

F.           Winners and Prizes

1 Entrants whose image has been judged to be Highly Commended, Judges’ Choice or the winner of the category Young Deer Photographer of the Year agree that they will provide the consent of their parent or guardian to the entry into the competition and proof of age for verification purposes within 14 days of notification before a Prize (defined below) can be awarded. If proof of consent or verification of age for the Entrant is not provided within 14 days of notification then the Prize will be forfeited.

2 The Judges will determine the Entrant who is awarded Deer Photographer of the Year (“Overall Winner”) from the Category Winners, however, the Category Winner of Young Deer Photographer of the Year is not eligible to be the Overall Winner.

3 The prizes (collectively “Prizes” or in the case of any one of them “Prize”): The Overall Winner will receive a Prize of £5000 (this includes the Prize for being a Category Winner) and Category Winners will receive a Prize £100. All monetary Prizes are paid in Great British pounds.

4 We reserve the right to add Prizes at any stage of the Competition.

5 Category Winners and the Overall Winner will receive their Prize by electronic bank transfer into their own personal bank account or a bank account of their nomination. Entrants who have won Young Deer Photographer of the Year will have the Prize money paid into their parent’s/guardian’s bank account, or the Entrants own bank account with express authority from the parent/guardian. Any monetary Prize winner who is unable to receive Great British pounds into their bank account may request payment in another currency that their bank account will accept, in which case, the foreign exchange rate used at the time of transfer will be that available for retail customers using the United Kingdom’s banking system. The winning Entrant is responsible for all costs for receiving the Prize in their bank account.

6 The Entrant must ensure that they are able to receive any monetary Prize by electronic bank transfer and understand that failure to do so, will result in the Competition withholding the Prize. After being notified of being awarded a Prize, the maximum time the Competition will withhold the Prize will be 28 days, after which, the Entrant will forfeit the Prize and no alternative Prize will be offered.

7 Prizes are not transferable or negotiable and no alternative will be offered to any Prize.

8 Entrants are responsible for notifying any appropriate tax authority of being in receipt of a Prize and paying any appropriate tax.

9 An Entrant winning a Prize that involves attending guidance venue or workshop away from their home premises, will be responsible for all travel arrangements and accommodation needed to attend the Prize. The Entrant will be given contact details of the party offering the Prize, and the Entrant is responsible for contacting the party to determine the locations, date(s) and time when the Prize will take place. The Entrant understands and agrees that if they do not make it the appropriate location on the agreed date(s) and time for any reason including but not limited to Acts of God, the Prize may be forfeited. The Entrant accepts that the Competition has no further involvement, responsibility or liability after they have received the contact details of the party running the Prize. The Entrant understands and agrees that the Competition accepts no responsibility or liability for any event, incident, occurrence, distress, accident or Acts of God that occurs at or during the Prize. The Entrant is advised to take out adequate travel insurance.

G.          Ethical Rules

1 Images are not permitted to be entered into the Competition that feature family pets, farm animals, captive animals, restrained animals, manipulated animals, models of animals or taxidermy animals.

2 Entrants must not to kill, injure or distress any animal in connection with submitting an entry into the Competition; not to use any caller, lure or decoy to alter the behaviour of any animal; not to do anything to scare any animal in connection with entering the Competition; any entry featuring an image (or the likeness of) a protected species must include any required permission needed to lawfully be in proximity of the same at the time the image was made and any required permission must be fully disclosed in any shortlisted entries that include the same; and all information must supplied must be a true, accurate, correct and representative of actual situation when the image was take.

H.          Data Protection

1 We will collect personal data when you register for the Competition and during the submission process in order to administer the Competition. Our Privacy Notice found at gives information about how we process your personal data.

2 Relating to and relevant to any entry / submission or part thereof made into the Competition including but not limited to all Prizes winners: For the full time period of any intellectual property rights, including any and all moral rights, you agree and grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to publish, exhibit, copy, transmit, transfer, reproduce, enlarge, re-format, display, store, edit and sub-licence any entry / submission or part thereof for any reason or purpose in connection to the Competition which may include digital and printed materials used for promote and raise awareness of the Competition, produce digital and printed merchandise (including any printed or digital books connected to the Competition), press usage and produce marketing materials in print and digital form and to show and exhibit at trade shows, exhibitions and online including websites without the Entrant receiving compensation. The Entrant will be credited with any submission material used, however, in the event of that credit unexpectantly being omitted, we are not liable for any damages, distress or loss that may have been caused by any omission. We will insert the appropriate credit as soon as reasonably possible after the omission has been drawn to the Competition’s attention.